Brain Tumor Chemotherapy Delivered via Stem Cells.

Scientists hope to use stem cells to minimize collateral damage from brain tumor chemotherapy treatments.

Neuroscientist Dr. Karen Aboody, M.D. and Oncologist Dr. Jana Portnow, M.D. from City of Hope Hospital are set to begin a phase 1 clinical trial for a method of delivering chemotherapy treatments to glioblastoma [aggressive brain tumors] with modified neural stem cells.  The scientists plan to capitalize on the stem cells’ innate ability to seek out invasive tumors by loading the cells with a chemotherapeutic protein and then injecting them into the brain.

Currently, the tumor mass of glioblastoma can be removed surgically, but it is virtually impossible to remove every single cell, which often leads to recurrence.  Chemotherapy is another option, but there are significant side effects when administered through the entire body.  Transplanting neural stem cells into the brain would allow concentrated chemotherapeutic treatments to reach the glioblastoma on a localized cellular level, thereby preventing recurrence while also minimizing the side effects on patients.

Dr. Aboody and Dr. Portnow’s research is an example of the potential for stem cell regenerative medical therapies to effectively treat seemingly intractable and incurable conditions. To learn more about stem cells and how to insure immediate access to emerging personalized regenerative treatments by banking your own valuable stem cells, please visit StemSave or call 877-783-6728 (877- StemSave) today.




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