Prostate Cancer Study Utilizes Stem Cells.

Researchers have used stem cells to identify a marker specific to cancer cells that could lead to new prostate cancer treatments.

Molecular Biologists from Genentech, Inc., in California have utilized stem cells to better understand the advent and growth of prostate cancer.  The researchers discovered a marker specific to cancerous cells that, when used as a therapeutic target, could lead to the development of new prostate cancer treatments.

Currently, prostate cancer affects more than 186,000 men every year.  A major challenge in treating the disease has been identifying the cells responsible for the malignancy.  This novel use of stem cells in helping researchers study prostate cancer will enhance the understanding of the disease’s basic mechanisms, hopefully leading to new forms of treatment.

Innovative research such as this demonstrates the integral role stem cell therapies will soon play in the most cutting edge in medical care options.  By banking their own valuable stem cells, families can ensure that they will have access to these emerging therapies in the near future.  To learn more about banking stem cells, please visit or call 877-783-6728 (877-StemSave) today.


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