Longevity Expert Dr. Vincent Giampapa Discusses Stem Cells on the Today Show

Dr. Vincent Giampapa, featured in Steven Hawking’s ‘Stem Cell Universe’ [recently broadcast on the Science Channel] was interviewed on the Today Show – Australia.  According to Dr. Giampapa, the key to longevity and maintaining your health are your stem cells.  New advancements in anti-aging technology are heavily reliant on autologous [the patient’s own] stem cells to reduce the degenerative effects of aging.

As emphasized in the above video by Dr. Vincent Giampapa, banking one’s own stem cells provides patients with the essential building blocks necessary to restore function [and youth] to vital organs such as the heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, skin, etc.  Stem cells age along with the body and diminish, in both number and vitality, over time.  Hence, banking stem cells when they are young and vital enables their reintroduction later in life to assist in the maintenance and health of vital organs and important biological functions.

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