Treating Heart Attacks With Your Own Stem Cells

Stem Cells used in heart regeneration

Scientists have used stem cells to successfully regenerate heart tissue

Researchers Dr. Luis Gruberg and Dr. Allen Jeremias, from the Stony Brook Heart Institute and Intensive Care Unit, have conducted a clinical study utilizing the patient’s own stem cells to treat them after suffering a severe heart attack. The treatement, which involves infusing millions of autologous [the patient’s own] stem cells into the coronary artery, successfully regenerated damaged tissue in the heart.

In the US alone, approximately 600,000 indivduals die from heart attack related causes . The success of the pilot study has prompted the researchers to expand the clinical study. Using the patient’s own stem cells, Dr. Gruberg’s and Dr. Jeremias’ treatment has the potential to remodel the heart back into a healthy condition, potentially preventing a large number of heart attack-related deaths.

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