Mayo Clinic Utilizes Autologous Stem Cells to Treat Heart Failure Patients in First Clinical Study to Target the Regeneration of a Failing Organ


Researchers at Mayo Clinic have introduced a new therapy using cardiogenically-instructed stem cells that can improve heart health. This is the first clinical study for the targeted regeneration of a failing organ.  The Mayo Clinic study represents what we believe to be the gold standard in regenerative treatments – utilizing the patient’s own stem cells for the therapy.  As a result of the use of autologous [the patient’s own] stem cells, there were no complications in any of the patients.  Every patient in the stem cell treatment group improved.   “The benefit to patients who received cardiopoietic stem cell therapy was significant,” said Dr. Terzic – the senior author of the study, with improvements in heart pumping function, physical performance (such as walking distance) and overall quality of life.

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To view the journal article of the clinical trial, click here.

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