Stem Cell Research Moves One Step Closer to Regrowing Teeth

Researchers at the Institute of Biotechnology in Helsinki, Finland have brought the medical community one step closer to growing teeth from stem cells with their discovery of a transcription factor that provides a basis to monitor and record the development of teeth.  By tracking the phases of division, movement, and specification of the stem cells, researchers can better understand the stages and intricacies of tooth development and direct stem cells to differentiate into teeth.

As researchers continue to better understand the process of differentiation that allows stem cells to grow into specific kinds of organs [a tooth is one of the most complex organs in the body], the medical community moves closer to developing innovative therapies that will treat a variety of disease, trauma, and injury treating what was previously thought to be untreatable or permanent organ and/or tissue damage.

For many families, stem cell treatments may one day be a life-saving option for rehabilitation and longevity. Banking one’s own stem cells provides affordable biological insurance for the future.

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