FDA Approves Phase II Stem Cell Clinical Trial to Treat Heart Failure






The FDA has approved Phase II clinical trials for an autologous [utilizing the patient’s own stem cells] stem cell treatment for heart attacks – the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. The treatment involves the extraction of the stem cells from the patient, the in vitro [in the lab] expansion and differentiation of the stem cells and the transplantation of the stem cells back into the patient.  This is a very significant clinical trial as we believe it represents the gold standard of emerging stem cell treatments – the use of autologous stem cells which are then expanded, differentiated and transplanted to address disease, trauma and injury.  As we have reported recently, this same approach is being used to grow entire organs which are then successfully transplanted back into the patient.  This approach facilitates the safe and successful application of stem cell therapies as it eliminates the chance of rejection and does away with the need for the patient to take a cocktail of immuno-suppression drugs.

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For more information on the clinical trial, click here.

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