Yale Researchers Advance Understanding of Stem Cell Differentiation Mechanisms








In a breakthrough, researchers at Yale University were able to observe stem cells as they began to regenerate and differentiate.   Understanding cell differentiation and tissue regeneration will accelerate the development and effectiveness of a myriad of stem cell therapies.

“This tells us a lot about how the tissue regeneration process works,” said Valentina Greco, assistant professor of genetics and of dermatology at the Yale Stem Cell Center, researcher for the Yale Cancer Center and senior author of the study.  Greco went on to say “understanding how stem cell behavior is regulated by the microenvironment can advance our use of stem cells for therapeutic purposes and uncover mechanisms that go wrong in cancer and other diseases.”

As this research demonstrates, the field of regenerative medicine is making great strides in research and clinical applications that is ushering a paradigm shift in the field of medicine.  As these treatments become available, the best stem cells to use will be autologous stem cells [the patient’s own stem cells] as this eliminates the risk of rejection and the need immuno-suppression drugs.

The future of Regenerative Medicine is now.

To view the full article, click here.

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